5 Important Home Maintenance Projects

Though certain aspects of home maintenance are not exactly glamorous, they can still keep your home more cozy and comfortable, and also keep costs down, so they should be some of the things higher on your financial priority lists as a homeowner.

Five of the most important home maintenance projects include making sure your basement is waterproofed if you have one, regularly checking to see that your windows and doors seal properly, update your appliances to maintain energy efficiency, do whatever you can to keep mold away, and be aware of how much wall and roof insulation you have. Read more

4 Things You Can Craft For Your Wedding

Do you enjoy days spent sewing quilts? Love to create homemade gifts for your loved ones? If so, it is likely you are going to be making a lot of the accoutrements necessary for your wedding. The trick to a functional wedding is to know what things are worth creating, and what things are better to buy. Included here are a few things you can easily craft for your wedding without going overboard.


Napkins and Tablecloths

While you may not be able to create intricately patterned napkins yourself, you can make simple cloth napkins. By following an easy pattern, it is completely possible to buy a bulk fabric and sew it into neat squares. This can be an unnecessary step for many people, but if you are truly trying to create a personalized touch and save money, it is a great idea. Read more

The Skinny on Computer Viruses

Though it’s not rocket science, sometimes it’s rather hard to tell whether or not your computer has a virus. Often, some viruses lurk in the depths of your computer’s hardware, their only plan to bog your computer down, while others have a much more malicious agenda.

computer viruses

Some software viruses corrupt or erase data from your computer and others find a way in through your email or instant messaging. A very common way to get a virus is by downloading things from the internet. It is critical to anyone with a computer to make sure they have the proper antivirus tools. Let’s talk about the threats of certain viruses and ways to get rid of them or avoid them all together. Read more

Ways to Stir Up A Passion and Appreciation for Art

There is no secret that some are better equipped to be able to draw, paint or sculpt something in a striking likeness to whatever it is they are trying to emulate, while others can hardly draw out a straight or curved line.


Science explains that there are three different categories that essentially separate those who can from those who can not when it comes to drawing or anything related to in the visual arts. It all comes down to how a person perceives reality, how well they remember that reality, and how exactly they long to communicate that in the physical form. Read more

Top Developments In Health And Wellness For 2015

It’s always a good choice to keep yourself up to date on the newest and most efficient health and wellness developments every year. Keeping yourself in the know could someday prove to be quite useful. Besides the fact that this knowledge could be useful, it’s super interesting. Doctors have become scientists and vice versa. When that amount of intelligence comes together, you can be sure to see some great things emerge. Here is a quick summary of some of the top developments in health and wellness for the year.

New quick and painless blood testing

blood-test Read more

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