Tips To Using Technology In Your Presentation

Using technology in your presentation, whatever the topic may be, will help to retain interest in your delivery. It’s not rocket science (unless of course you’re speaking on rocket science), but there are certain tactics that work better than other when it comes to building an effective presentation with the use of technology. Videos, sound presentation and other tools will help bring life to your project.

The most interesting speakers you remember, were probably ones that used technology to their advantage when they spoke. They created a memory in your mind. This is also a very useful skill in a courtroom. Here are a few tips to make your own spectacular presentations using some of the most cutting edge technology.

Know the basics

Before you can perfect your presentation skills, you need to at least grasp a short summary of some of the basics of planning and delivering a presentation. You should start planning your presentation on paper. Even the famous Steve Jobs recommends that you plan in the physical world versus the technological world. Don’t just open the program you intend on using and start trying to create. You need to plan first. You will want to first introduce the antagonist of your presentation, and then move on to the solution to the issue.

The tools of the trade

Using the tools available for presentation, you will have the ability to create a powerful and memorable message for your audience. Here is a quick summary of some of the different tools you can use to enhance your presentation.

PowerPoint: This software program gives you the opportunity to create slides for your presentation. Within those slides, you have the ability to add graphics, text, sound, and animation. The program allows hyperlink entries and a dependable name and service. The only real drawback of using Microsoft PowerPoint is that it sort of forces you to arrange your information into bullet points, which can sometimes simply the information a bit too much.

Google Slides: Google slides is linked to Google Docs, which is a cloud based program that enables groups of people to share documents and collaborate as a group. The Google Slides program is a very simple program to use, but it doesn’t offer the flexibility and creativity that PowerPoint offers.

Video Capture: Video capture software provides a medium to transfer your videos from whatever source you choose, into a digital format that is easily manipulated. You can embed your videos seamlessly into your presentation, and now you have more platforms to capture these videos.

Screen Capture: This will allow you to sort of record movements on your (or someone else’s) computer screen to help visually explain the steps of a process. For example, if you were explaining to an audience how to use Paint on their computers. You could record yourself and your own movements and embed it into your presentation to amplify clarity.

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