How to Save on Print Photos

Photos document memories and the great benefit is they can be passed on from generation to generation. Despite the use of digital technology today, many people still opt to have their treasured photos printed.

Printing photos is very convenient nowadays because one can practically do it at home. Or for those wanting to have top quality photos, they can easily use a third party online and have those pictures delivered right at their doorstep.


If you prefer to order your photos online or create printed products using personal photos, there’s even a way to enjoy savings for the long term. The secret is using coupons. Read more

6 Practical Apps to Have On Your Smartphone


SmartphonesAccording to surveys done by research firms in 2014, 90 % of Americans own a cell phone, 85 % say it’s a central part of their daily lives and 50 % use it to download apps. Apps are so useful that they have made themselves a “can’t do without” software for communication, information seeking and a host of other services. The downside is, with apps being made at a dizzying pace, we have suffered from app overload leading to confusion over what to install and uninstall.

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How the World’s Famous Tech Companies Fared in 2014

The year just passed was both interesting and surprising. The iPhone 6 took the world by storm and privacy issues continued to hound Facebook and Google. Samsung had its first diminishing profit after three years and Bill Gates is still the richest man in the world.

Read on to learn how these five popular tech companies fared in 2014. Read more

Apple’s Q1 2015 Profit: Where Did All That Money Come From?

The recent talk of the business world is Apple’s record-breaking sales and profit for its latest quarter, which ended December 27, 2014. That’s an $18.04 billion profit topping the previous record of $16 billion held by Gazprom in the first quarter of 2011. Read more

Top Spam Sources in the World: China and South Korea

Every hour of every day, spam emails are making their way to our inboxes. While email clients and special spam filters are definitely getting smarter, so too are the spammers. This infographic is a fascinating look at where in the world these spammers are:

Where Spam Comes From

Interestingly, China and South Korea, the top two sources of spam, have been in the news lately for various bitter disputes such as the issue of Japanese and Korean comfort women, as well as island territories in the region.

The infographic also includes a list of some of the top methods spammers employ to get you to open their emails.

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