Top Spam Sources in the World: China and South Korea

Every hour of every day, spam emails are making their way to our inboxes. While email clients and special spam filters are definitely getting smarter, so too are the spammers. This infographic is a fascinating look at where in the world these spammers are:

Where Spam Comes From

Interestingly, China and South Korea, the top two sources of spam, have been in the news lately for various bitter disputes such as the issue of Japanese and Korean comfort women, as well as island territories in the region.

The infographic also includes a list of some of the top methods spammers employ to get you to open their emails.

Why You Need Plugins for your Blog


Any blog, in order to be fully functional, needs to use plugins. These tools make a site more interactive and appealing compared to a passive one.

Regardless of the blogging platform you use, there are plenty to choose from these days and many can be used for free. You just need to do a little research and get to know them so you can select the ones that will suit your needs.


WordPress is considered the most popular blogging platform. Launched in 2003, it has evolved from being a blogging platform into a content management software for non-blogging websites. Many companies today are utilizing it for their main websites. Read more

Tips for Increasing Conversion Through Web Design

Business owners new to internet marketing spend a lot of time getting traffic to their websites. Traffic is very important, but what happens once visitors arrive at your site is what really matters. So much time is spent focusing on getting hits and studying traffic patterns that the entire concept of conversions is missed. One of the biggest mistakes people make that kills sales is bad web design.

web design

Image source

Conversions, not traffic, are what actually matter in business. Conversions mean that people who visit the website actually buy the products or services offered. Hits and traffic patterns do not help a business without that follow through where visitors actually make a purchase. So what are the elements of good website development and what will kill conversions? Read more

5 Cooking Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Cooking is a pleasure for me, something that takes away some of the stress – which seems to never go away – and also give me the satisfaction of enjoying its results. While I have my go-to dishes – pasta, pasta, and did I mention pasta? – I do like to try new things regularly. That adds a little flavor of adventure to things.


Image source

I love recipe books, not only because they help me out in that adventure thing, but also because they are a joy to browse through when you’re just sitting down and idling. I still have several physical paper cookbooks, which are rather specialized, such as one focusing on healthy recipes Philippines style. I also have some for Indonesian and Indian food.
Read more

How to Automate Your Life in 2014

Automation is making people’s lives easier. It is making lives easier at home and at work. Many people cannot even imagine a world without technology. Take a look at these five areas to determine how automation can change you life for the better.

automate your life

Image source

1. The Automated Home

When people see automated smart homes, they usually stand in awe of what technology can do for them. The new devices are being introduced to connect to smart phones and make people’s lives easier. These devices can allow residents to control the temperature, turn on or off the lights, turn on the sprinklers, monitor the home video surveillance, or even turn on and off appliances. It’s amazing what home automation can do for you. Read more

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