Where to Get High Quality Christmas Wallpapers for Your Desktop

You can always take your own photos, and set them as your wallpaper, of course. But there is something to be said about the scenery and artwork that some people have taken and transformed for the specific use of adorning the desktop of a computer screen.

Word of warning: If you do not do Christmas, then I am afraid this post will be of no use to you. Go spend time with Scrooge instead.

Moving on…

If you do like feeling the spirit of Christmas, whatever that means to you, then you might want to have a wallpaper that exudes all that good cheer. There is definitely no lack of web sites offering Christmas eye candy, but to help you narrow down your search, here are five sources of Christmas wallpapers that will incite you to be good till Christmas Day – and the days after.

Specky Boy

In an entry posted last year, this blogger collated 60 beautiful Christmas wallpapers. The collection is an eclectic mix, with the usual snow scenes and Christmas decor that warm the hearts of even those who have never seen snow in their entire lives. It also includes a wallpaper featuring a cat – always a win, but this one got me sold on the list.

Christmas Wallpapers

Messy Christmas

We’ve all had our experiences with a messy Christmas but this wallpaper goes beyond the usual.

HD Wallpapers

This site is well known for high quality material, and Christmas wallpapers are not excluded. You can browse the extensive collection by going through each page, and you can also choose parameters such as the resolution.

Most of the items in the collection are safe for all ages, although there is a handful that may not be suitable for kids, depending on your standards. I do like this one in particular, though.


Christmas wallpapers

Christmas tree all aglow

About.com Freebies

About.com has a lot of content that can be useful, and their freebies section has a nice collection of Christmas wallpapers. What I like about this set is the inclusion of designs that are purely about lights and come across as abstract. Not that I am into abstract art, but some of the wallpapers featured are perfect as a backdrop for anything.

Christmas wallpapers

Christmas lights


Hongkiat is a web design site, which gives you a pretty good idea of what’s in store for you. Judging by the amount of Christmas wallpapers they feature, they love this time of the year. There is a lot of non-traditional Christmas scenes to be found here, so if you’re tired of the usual, you ought to give this a try. Here’s my pick.

Christmas wallpapers

Penguin Christmas


PSDreview is known for being a venue for web and graphic designers and developers to showcase their work and interact with each other. Of course, where the designers are, we can expect lots of eye candy as well. Their collection of Christmas wallpapers will not fail to impress. Here’s a sampling of what awaits you.

Christmas wallpapers

Star Ball


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