The State of IT Innovation

IT Innovation

Innovation. Disruption. Startups.

Buzzwords are flying all over the place as if there were no tomorrow, but as much as you may be averse to buzzwords, there is something to be said about innovation. It is an essential part in moving forward, and every company, in the tech scene especially, needs to put a premium on innovation in order to remain competitive.

If a tech company is ever to stay alive, not to mention stay successful in the years to come, innovation has to be part of the recipe somehow. The word is more easily uttered than put into practice, though, with many factors coming into play.

CA Technologies has done a little digging into the matter, with an infographic about the state of IT innovation being the result. Basically, the infographic answers questions such as:

  • What fields are companies planning to spend their money on?
  • What are their thoughts on the future?

The infographic examines the answers to these questions in detail, giving us an insight into the state of IT innovation.

Some facts.

  • Investment in innovation is on the rise, with 50% of companies investing more.
  • IT leaders need more cash, with 40% saying investment is needed. Who doesn’t, anyway?
  • The cloud seems is considered to be essential in innovation, with 40% of the respondents citing that it helps deploy and scale services faster.
  • The bottom line: IT leaders think that adopting new technology is the way to go to spark innovation.

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State of IT Innovation

State of IT Innovation

Are you in the IT sector? Do you agree with the findings about the state of IT innovation?

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