The Art of Getting Retweets

Getting Retweets

Getting Retweets

Twitter has more than 500 million users, with 150,000 new users signing up every day. Not all of those are active users (that number is about 100 million every month), but those who do use Twitter actively generate an average of 55 million tweets per day. (Source)

Seeing those numbers, one would be an idiot not to want to take advantage of the potential audience on Twitter. No matter what your purpose may be – personal brand building or business expansion – there are a lot of people on Twitter who may be the targets of your message. And one way to get the word out even more is to get retweets – as many as you can; and the more retweets you get, the better.

So how do you go about getting retweets?

This is totally NOT a new question, and it seems that the answers have not changed all that much. You see, I recently ran into an infographic titled “The Art of Getting Retweets”. Naturally, it awakened my not-so-dormant curiosity. What I found interesting was that a part of it is almost an exact copy of another infographic I had already read two years ago: “5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More Retweets“.

They are:

  1. Tweet links.
  2. Ask for retweets.
  3. Stop talking about yourself.
  4. Say new things.
  5. Tweet about Twitter.

Apparently, what was true a couple of years ago still holds today. Have you experimented with these actions? Have you seen any positive (or negative, for that matter) effects on the number of retweets that you get?

“The Art of Getting Retweets” is not a total ripoff. It does contain a lot more additional information, of which “The Retweet Etiquette” is one. I like this short blurb reminding people of how to do retweeting the “right” way, which should result in you getting retweets. Emphasis on should.

First, make sure there is room for @RT – at least. I would go one step further and try to leave room for a short comment. As a matter of fact, the infographic also presents data on the relationship between length of the tweet and number of RTs. It seems that the optimum length is somewhere between 71 and 100 characters.

Second, give credit. A no brainer.

Third, retain as much of the original as possible.


Retweetable phrases

What words are most likely to incite people to retweet? Take a look at that word cloud for some ideas. The bottom line: ASK for a retweet. Some may think it too bold, but it seems people like being asked.

The Art of Getting Retweets

Retweetable Phrases

The Art of Getting Retweets, the Infographic

Here is the info graphic summing up all that information given above – plus more. Hopefully, you’ll be able to apply the ideas presented and see an increase in people retweeting your tweets. Do share your experiences!

Twitter Etiquette

The Art of Getting Retweets

Via BitRebels

Lead Pic via BuyRealMarketing

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