Jet-Powered Volkswagen Beetle

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Jet-powered Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle has taken its place in the list of cars that will be forever loved and treasured, maybe not by everyone, but by a solid group of followers. Also known as the Volkswagon Bug or the Volkswagen Type 1, this car is the “longest-running and most-manufactured automobile of a single design platform anywhere in the world”.1 Anyone who has traveled a little will attest to the fact that practically anywhere in the world you go, you will see at least one Volkswagen Beetle, probably more. There is no denying that this cute little car has an appeal like no other, in spite of how old the design is. Enthusiasts even go to great lengths to restore old Beetles and bring them back to their old glory.

Speaking of enthusiasts, Ron Patrick deserves a medal for being one and doing something more. He does not have the old type Volkswagen Beetle, but he has modded the newer model to create something eye popping: a jet-powered Volkswagen Beetle!

You didn’t misread that. Mr. Patrick has created a jet-powered Volkswagen Beetle which does work. More than simply working, his jet-powered Volkswagen Beetle is street legal! Can you just imagine driving that beast on the streets? The elation that one must feel!

This is how the jet-powered Volkswagen Beetle looks from behind, and I have to admit that in spite of how impressive this feat is, the jet does look a little awkward. But hey, what’s a little awkward when you have a car this awesome?

Jet-powered Volkswagen Beetle

Jet-powered Volkswagen Beetle Rear View

Here’s the jet-powered Volkswagen Beetle as seen from the top, so you can take a peek at the other parts of the jet.

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Jet-powered Volkswagen Beetle Top View

According to Mr. Patrick:2

The car has two engines: the production gasoline engine in the front driving the front wheels and the jet engine in the back. The idea is that you drive around legally on the gasoline engine and when you want to have some fun, you spin up the jet and get on the burner (you can start the jet while driving along on the gasoline engine).

He also says that he built the car for thrills, not with the intention to kill himself or anyone on the road. As such, he does not know exactly how fast the jet-powered Volkswagen Beetle will go, and I highly doubt he would give you the chance if you asked.

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