Finally, Facebook Connect Does Something to Compete with Google Friend Connect

Even if Facebook and Google won’t admit it, there is an underlying competition between Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect . The lack of the word Friend on Facebook’s Connect service is not enough to cloak the fact that Google Friend Connect was meant to compete with Facebook Connect.  And the turn of events the past couple of days may have ignited this rivalry. Google recently introduced the Google Friend Connect social toolbar which allows you to add a long strip of gray bar on top or at the bottom of your website. This social toolbar can contain some socialization feature among which is a commenting using a user’s Google Friend Connect account.

Facebook probably knew that Google FC has one upped them with the social bar, so it has announced through the Facebook Developer’s blog that they are rolling out a commenting widget through a Facebook Connect application. You might say that this is nothing compared to Google Friend Connect’s Social Toolbar since it’s only for comments while Google FC’s toolbar can also contain other cool Google gadgets. And Facebook knows we’re going to ask this so it has peppered the Facebook Connect Comment widget with a nice feature that we will all surely love. The Facebook Connect comment widget will also display comments posted on your profile in reference to a given comment thread. Hence, integrating comments made on your Facebook profile and the Facebook Connect comments  on your site. 

We won’t discuss how you can enable the Facebook Connect Comment Widget on your site since this is a bit on the technical side. If you are really interested, you may check out the  Facebook Developers’ site for a detailed instruction on how to do this.

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