Driving Tips and Stats for Your Safety on the Road

Driving a car leisurely provides a feeling of freedom and relief to any individual. When the road is free from traffic and you’re looking forward to sightseeing or arriving at your destination, driving can be a nice experience.

Sadly, not all drivers maneuver their vehicles with utmost care the reason why road accidents occur. Each year, more than one million people worldwide get killed in car crashes. Statistics also show that road mishaps are the top cause of death of young people aged 15 to 29.

Car accidents take place often due to the carelessness of drivers. Common causes are using mobile gadgets, eating, reading, grooming, drowsiness or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you often travel to other countries and you’re planning to rent a car and drive it personally, it would be a good idea to learn about some important statistics. Life is precious and it’s just fitting that we value it by ensuring that we drive safely all the time to and from our destinations.

We share an infographic below about countries with fast roads that could be dangerous for drivers. It would be worth looking at it to give you a bird’s eye view on what to expect in your future destinations.

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