Windows Blue Leaked!

Microsoft is keeping us busy these days, isn’t it? First we hear about the $100 incentive for Windows developers. Then, over the weekend, Windows lovers were treated to the news that Windows Blue has been leaked. Windows Blue is the next version of the ubiquitous operating system, and an early build has been released, albeit unofficially.

Windows Blue Leak

Windows Blue Leak

According to Tom Warren of The Verge, “build 9364, a partner version that was originally compiled on March 15th, has been made available on file sharing sites and includes some of the new changes that Microsoft is building into its significant Windows 8 update.

The Windows Blue leak comes from, where screenshots have been posted. It’s in Polish, but Google Translate can easily take care of that. Plus, images are what counts in this matter anyway.

So what have we gotten from the leak?

Additional Snap Views

This means you can put apps together side by side, a boon to multitaskers for sure. This may also mean that those who use a multi monitor setup will have an easier time.

Touch Friendly Setup

There are also reported changes in the settings set up so that everything is touch friendlier. That’s for those of you who tend to swipe their laptop screens from time to time, thanks to thinking it’s a tablet.

Internet Explorer 11

In spite of all the flak that IE has received throughout its lifetime, it has survived and undeniably has seen much improvement. If the Windows Blue leak is to be believed, users will be “treated” to a new Internet Explorer. As to what specific improvements have been made, we don’t really know. It’s “just” a leak after all!

Want more? Check out The Verge.

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