What’s Taking Facebook too Long to Release an iPad App?

It’s been more than a month since iPad was released into the wild. Published reports say that Apple has already sold around 300,000+ iPad units since it first became available. Stocks from Apple Stores are depleting so fast. International release is about to happen on May 28. This means that iPad is slowly getting into the hands of many users. So, in due time and if Apple managed to cope up with the demand, the iPad is on its way to millions of fans, who are most probably Facebook users as well.

Now, why is it taking too long for Facebook to release a native iPad app? In case the Facebook folks are not aware of, the iPad is meant for content consumption, as they say. And if there’s one social networking site where users can consumer content and information from – it’s in Facebook.

But of course, you can always say that iPad users can always visit Facebook.com using the Safari browser on their precious iPad. But that’s not the best way to consume content, especially real-time updating contents from Facebook on an iPad. The iPad content consumption is best experienced through the apps.

Alright, I am blabbering here now. I just want a native Facebook app for iPad. I’m tired of using third-party social lifestreaming apps for iPad that has Facebook as one of the accounts supported. They don’t give justice to the real Facebook experience. I want the official Facebook app for iPad. I’m sure, other iPad users want this as well.

In case you can’t wait no more and don’t want the Safari browser route, here are some third-party lifestreaming apps that let you access your Facebook account and do several native Facebook activities on your iPad:

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