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The discussion about Android versus iOS has been going on for a long time now, and it still is not over. The Internet is vast with an Android Market here and an Android market there. This perhaps has contributed to its explosive growth. Still, one can’t deny that it seems that a lot of developers first focus on creating new apps for iOS, with Android users having to wait for a while.

On the other hand, with the number of Android devices swimming out there, one also cannot discount the fact that there are more users. More so, practically all the basic things that you want to do, you can do with an Android device. For example, if need to know how to make gifs, there certainly is an Android app for that.

When it comes to some games, though, Android users have to be a little more patient. And yes, I am talking about Temple Run.

What used to be an obscure game quickly got the attention of iOS users. From the average Joe to the celebrity with tens of thousands of followers on Twitter, it seems that everyone is proud to show off just how high they have scored on Temple Run. (As you can see in the screen grab, though, this one does not seem to be liked by the game!)

As these things go, rumors flew around that Temple Run for Android was going to be launched early this month. If you have been holding your breath for that event, better not. As the Android Community1 reported, the guys at Imangi studio themselves said that there is no official date yet. The did, however, emphasize that they are going to announce the launch of Temple Run for Android via their Facebook page. And till that happens, everything else is simply false.

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