Oh So Now, Twittering is a Cool Job for Summer Interns?

In these trying times, the regular workforce are having a hard time looking for work. What more for newly grads who are looking for a nice internship program to get them by during the summer before their transition into the regular workforce.  Thanks to Twitter, some of the these interns have found a new job opportunity – as “Twinterns”.

The job title sounds cool, yeah? But even cooler is the task that these interns need to do. And you guess it right – Twittering. Or specifically, these interns are in-charge of posting updates to their companies Twitter accounts.

And mind you, unlike the traditional interns in other job places, Twinterns are not paid by the hour, but for the number of Tweets that they post everyday. But of course, they could not just post anything. It must be related to their company and its products.

Take the case of the Pizza Hut twinterns, as reported by Big Money. Pizza Hut’s twintern takes charge of sending out messages about special promotions, responding to customer complaints, and looking out for Pizza Hut mentions in Twitter’s Timeline.

Pretty cool job, right?  This only goes to show how important Twitter is becoming for business advertising, promotion and marketing.  Imagine if other business companies will follow  Pizza Hut – more job opportunities perhaps for our young workforce who are the best fit for the job since they mastered the skill of “Twittering.”

Now, will there be a “Facetern?”

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