Looking into the Future of Car Technology

Car technology of the future is almost always associated with car features that would make vehicles in sci-fi movies pale in comparison. Not only do we expect to see a car that looks like it belongs to the future but also a car that offers exceptional features such as artificial intelligence maybe? In the next five years or so , what specific developments in car technology can we reasonably expect to see?

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A Truly Energy Efficient Car with a Truly Viable Source of Energy

It has been years since man started looking for a truly energy efficient car with a truly viable source of energy. Although that one answer still remains elusive at this time, the near future is expected to provide the answer. By that time harmful emissions should be non-existent or at the very least greatly reduced and regulated.

Lighter Material

The need for more speed and reduction of energy consumption is hindered by the heavy weight of vehicles. Steel is expected to be substituted by much lighter yet durable materials including duraluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. Water-repellant glass is also expected to be a reality.

Online Capability

Nothing  bespeaks of a future car more than a vehicle having Internet capability. It will be like a computer except that it  is something we can ride on and take us places. A preview of this future capability is seen in some car models being tested by car manufacturers, Within five years or less, car owners can expect to perform their online tasks in the car using only the features built into it while driving.

Driverless Car

A car running on its own without any driver when perfected will probably result to less death casualties. Driverless cars are expected to see action in the streets soon probably on low speed with higher speed being facilitated for cars in a structured environment. The biggest challenge in producing a working driverless car is developing in the car the capability to see in the ways the human eyes see and predicting human behavior.

Vehicle Platooning

Vehicle platooning will make it possible for a group of cars to run as a group under the hands of a trained professional lead driver. Individual drivers who join the group will be able to do other tasks while connected with the group. Every car is free to leave at any time by resuming their own human machine interface (HMI).

There is no doubt that cars with these capabilities will be easy to use as collateral for a car title loan. Car technology may introduce many new features in the years to come but its acceptability as loan collateral is always an advantage.

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