Look Ma! Facebook is Now the No.3 Video Site

Honestly, this new report by Nielsen saying that Facebook has become the no.3 video streaming site, following YouTube and Hulu. It was no.3 10 last month. And judging by the number of videos that are being shared on the Facebook network, Facebook as the no.2 if not no.1 video site soon is not far from happening.


According to the Nielsen report, Facebook streamed more than 217 million videos with 31.5 million unique views in October. It’s 400,000 video streams away from leaders YouTube and Hulu but at the rate videos are streamed on Facebook, it will just be a matter of time before it surpasses Hulu.

YouTube got around 600,000+ streams with 100,000+ unique viewers while Hulu only got around 10,000+ unique viewers but with almost the same streams as YouTube.

What puzzles me though is whether the videos streamed on Facebook are actually hosted on YouTube or original content uploaded to Facebook servers.

via NewTeeVee

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