Health and Fitness Apps to Motivate You

I’m a sucker for health and fitness apps. I suppose that is not a surprise to anyone who knows me, as I do tend to be more obsessive about this topic than the average person. I pay careful attention to what I buy at the supermarket, to what I eat, and to how much physical activity I engage in on a regular basis.

That’s not to say that that’s all I think about. I do like gadgets and technology, too! So yes, unsurprisingly, I’m here to talk about health and fitness apps that will motivate you.

Lose It!
One of the things that’s important when trying to live a healthy lifestyle is keeping track of what you it. It can be a tedious thing, but with Lose It!, counting calories and watching what you eat becomes rather easy. This app is free, and it also allows you to set your target weight for a specific period. Combined with how much you eat and how much you exercise, you can reach your target easily.

Another calorie counter, the big benefit of this app is its database. I love just how extensive its food database is, including lesser known brands.

For people who pay very close attention to details, Substitutions is a great app. You know how you want to follow a recipe but don’t have the exact ingredients? How will that affect the calorie count? Use this app to find a suitable sub!
Health and fitness apps
There’s no escaping RunKeeper, so I might as well include it in this list. It’s a “personal trainer in your pocket”, so if you follow it, you’ll be on the right track. Of all the health and fitness apps out there, RunKeeper might just be the most popular, so there must be something good about it, right?

I have to admit that I like Fitocracy better than RunKeeper, though. It’s a personal preference, and one that you might agree with. I like its looks and how community-centered it is. Oh, and if you have a slightly competitive bone in your body, this app will suit you just fine.

Do you like spending time at your favorite fitness center? Or maybe you need a little motivation to clock in your hours. This free iPhone app allows you to set your goals related to working out at the gym. The zinger is that if you miss out, you pay a penalty. Combine this with interaction with likeminded friends, and gym rats will get paid for their efforts – by the flakes! If that’s not motivation…

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
You may eat and exercise just right, but how is your sleep cycle? This is one aspect of life that busybodies of today tend to overlook. The thing is, with the right amount of sleep, and the proper cycle, you will see amazing positive changes in your health and overall well being! Use this app to analyze your sleep patterns and make the necessary adjustments. The $0.99 tag is worth it.

Adam Johnson is a professional blogger that shares tips and advice on fitness and nutrition. He writes for Fitness 19, a leading fitness center with locations nationwide.

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