Charitable Giving Online Becoming the Trend: Infographic

Donating to charitable institutions has become fast and easy in recent years owing to the advancement in internet technology. Thanks to organizations that have established websites, online charitable giving is now made possible in just a few clicks. In 2010 alone, online giving experienced a surge although experts still see social giving to grow more in 2011-2012. The human service sector receives a large chunk of donations done online followed by health and public benefit, international, education, animal and environment, arts and religion. Specific charity websites were recipients of more than half of online donations in 2010. Other donors prefer to use certain sites including social networks that provide a list of various charities.

Thanks to Infographiclabs for visualising this data

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  1. Jake Koko on August 9th, 2011 7:46 am

    Send this kid to college for only one dollar! This is by far my website pick of the week! great looking and an even better idea!!!

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