Google Me Rumors Continue To Mount, We Continue To Get Excited

On June 26th I reported that Google Me, a new social network from Google was in the works. During that announcement I quoted Digg founder Kevin Rose who leaked the announcement, today we have further confirmation of the Google Me program. The full-fledged competitor has been outed further by former Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo who […]

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Yahoo Publishes Style Guide For Web Writing

Writing for the web is not an excuse for poor writing. This has always been a problem since there are a lot of bloggers and web site writers who have great ideas and excellent know how, but are sorely lacking in writing skills. On the other hand, there are some good writers – in the […]

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Cyber Security Bill Approved, Feared By Many

The Internet has become so big that the government just can’t seem to “ignore” it. In fact, laws have been cropping up left and right, so as to impose some measure of control over activities online. The most recent one is the Cyber Security Bill which the Senate Committee has just approved. If you’re unaware […]

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Twitter Statistics: Twitter vs. Facebook – Awareness, Popularity and Demographics

The colleagues over at the Blog Herald sat down and gathered some interesting data about Twitter usage and demographics, putting these against Facebook statistics. The result is an amazing infographic with lots of interesting data. Here at The Blog Herald we wondered How did Twitter grow that much? and Where do those Tweets come from? […]

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VLC 1.1 Is Faster And Better

Since its original release, VLC media player has gotten a lot of attention and has become one of the most used – if not the most used – media players today. This is due to many reasons, but for the most part it is due to ease of use and the functionalities that the software […]

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