10 Best Social Media Secrets for 2013

As the internet becomes a bigger part of everyday life, you may become increasingly impressed or overwhelmed with what social media can offer. If you use your own common sense along with the following tips, you will be able to navigate social media sites like a professional.

Discussion is Key.

The first of the social media secrets is not really a secret if you think about it. Social media is about connecting with others or being social. So, ask interesting questions. Express concern about an issue you are passionate about. Find news that is relevant or entertaining. Respond to feedback as quickly as possible to keep the conversation going.

Give Your Audience What They Want.

This is the one of the best ways to build a following. Do you want food connoisseurs to follow you or do you prefer discussions about movies, books, parenting or politics? First decide what kind of audience you want and then design your communication to target that audience.

Active Listening Applies to Social Media.

On the internet, there are ways to zone out of what another person is saying while waiting your turn to have your say. Acknowledge others’ comments, and demonstrate interest and pursue a connection by continuing on their train of thought. If someone has recounted how their home security service helped capture a neighborhood burglar, ask that person if anyone was hurt. If someone’s child made the honor roll, congratulate them. Then you can move on to something you want to talk about.

Video is Awesome.

social media secretsVideos are engaging, and watching them usually doesn’t take as much effort as reading an article. Use videos as discussion prompts. Make sure the videos are interesting. Don’t post videos just for shock value or because you’re bored. YouTube can have a powerful impact on your social media exploits, so take advantage of it. Videos like Vivint Reviews, Dollar Shave Club, and Blendtec have set the industry standard for creative videos, each with a different aspect of advertising.

Keywords are Powerful.

Keywords factor into search engine marketing (SEM). Research keywords to see which ones are used most often, and use them in status updates. Additionally, as you post videos, make sure you tag them with applicable keywords so that users can find your videos easily.

Do not be Afraid to use Your Phone.

While smartphones are becoming the preferred mode of using the internet, those that use any type of cell phone can participate in the social media buzz. You can send texts to update certain sites. Many sites also allow you to post audio and video from your phone to your account.

Name Dropping Works Just as Well on the Internet.

Find a balance between promoting yourself and spamming. If you name-drop yourself too much, it will only annoy others and they will ignore you. But, if you’re trying to increase a specific audience, find blogs and websites that fit that audience type. As you make comments on those blogs, be sure to include a link to your website, or post those blogs on social media where your name will be associated with the links you share.

Establish a Sense of Community.

Everything connects within the internet. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate you and your company from everything else associated with you. Take this in stride and remember this applies to everyone. Use all this information to strengthen your connection with others.

Kindness Goes a Long Way.

A positive attitude is always more constructive than being unkind. With kindness and sincerity, you’ll attract a more loyal and equally selfless following. Genuinely promote others’ interests and give meaningful feedback when you can.

Honesty is Still the Best Policy.

With information so easily and quickly accessible, it’s harder to be dishonest without being found out. Avoid deception and the appearance of deception at all times. Lying is the best way to completely destroy trust and lose your audience. The last few years have shown what dishonesty and tactlessness can do to a company misusing social media, especially Twitter.

As you increase your social experience, you may find that there are no real secrets to using social media. Remember to be thoughtful and that social media is just another way to interact with the human race. Interact regularly and behave well, and you will surely find online social success.

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  1. dan on June 24th, 2013 5:09 pm

    Great post David, interesting tips to keep in mind!

  2. Natalia Kollmar on June 26th, 2013 7:57 am

    Plenty new useful information. Thank you so much!
    Would try to use videos to grow my business during this week.

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